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Boat Decking

Channel Yacht Sales are an exclusive supplier of quality boat decking for Permateek.

Permateek’s quality synthetic marine decking is highly resilient against the elements, UV-stable and looks just like real wood.

With a range of 12 stunning colours for decking, and three different caulking lines, boat fitters can personalise decks with up to 33 unique options to suit any style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Permateek made of?

Permateek Decking is made from outdoor grade UV stabilised PVC.

Made in Permateek’s factory based in Bournemouth, it’s a British product, made in Dorset. The product is 5mm thick, and it’s the same material all the way through, it’s not a laminate and it does not have a wear layer so effectively, should it get damaged, you could remove several millimetres should you need to.

How are the panels made?

Everything is made from templates, either templates supplied by the customer or we can come out to template the boat. The panels themselves are fully welded together and we don’t use any form of wet caulking in the fabrication for the inlays, the main benefit of this is that you can jet wash the product.

Does Permateek change colour?

It does go one shade darker which you will hardly notice, and then it stops, but it won’t fade, turn grey or rot!

What are the templates made from?

The templates are made from a reinforced plastic translucent sheet, we can always provide templating materials to you.  However, we’ve received paper, or hardboard templates in the past and they’ve been fine.

How do you clean it?

You can pressure wash it. Normal cleaning  is a hose down at the end of the day, obviously, if you get a spillage during the day, it’s better to wipe up there and then, but generally, it’s just a case of a wash down as and when. AVOID acetone as this would damage it. The product itself is impervious, so any marks that are difficult to remove will only be on the surface. Try soapy water, methylated spirits are good, not white spirit as it can leave a residue, and failing that, you can abrade the mark out with 60 grit sandpaper, making sure that you abrade in the direction of the grain

Is it waterproof?

The product it’s self is waterproof, however it is not sold as a waterproofing system if you have a leaking decking we cannot claim that it will stop all leaks, but it should greatly improve it.

What happens if it gets damaged or scuffed?

Any indentation will normally recover, either using very hot water or a hot air gun, but be careful not to burn the surface with the gun.  It you do get a bad mark, burn or scratch you can abrade it out with 60 grit sandpaper, but make sure that you abrade in the direction of the grain.  Should the damage be more than cosmetic, we can cut a piece out and weld a new piece in making an invisible repair.

Can you give me an estimate on how much it would cost?

If you can email us with a rough deck plan with some dimensions on it, a picture also helps, we can give a pretty accurate price on what are your cost options

What can you stick the product on to?

The adhesive itself is solvent free, so providing the surface is non-flaking, dust free and degreased, the adhesive will work well.  We use methylated spirit is a degreaser and it works well

Can I go over existing teak decking?

Generally we would recommend no, but we have fitted decks successfully over existing teak when there is little to no choice to remove it. We recommend you first use epoxy to seal it. Due to the uncertainties we would not be able to guarantee the installation on existing teak.

Has it got any acoustic properties?

We don’t claim that our product does improve any acoustic problems, but, where we have used it in the past particularly with steel boats, it has made a great improvement.

What guarantee does it come with?

We offer a 5 year guarantee on our product. Most independent distributors also offer 5 years on installation please check with yours when ordering.

How long does it last?

Simple answer is, we don’t know, synthetic decking has been around for over 15 years now, Permateek itself for over 9 years, and the early decks we fitted still look good today. We would estimate in excess of 15 years if looked after correctly. It is a decking product and does need to be treated as such for longevity.

Does it get hot?

The truth is all synthetic decks just like real teak will get hot. Permateek in its original form has always been among the cooler choices on offer and the lighter the deck colour you choose the cooler it will be. That said, if it is a cool deck that is required then you just can’t beat white fibreglass.