After over 30 years of operation our boatyard operation is under threat. Bristol City Council wish to vary our land occupation in favour of a new initiative for the Graving dock.

This will result in almost 40% of prime usable boatyard space being no longer available. The land lost is the most essential area for the handling of large vessels and it cannot be duplicated anywhere else on our site.  


The present operation has always been hampered for space and much more so in recent times with demand leaning towards our maximum of 75 feet and 50 tons.

If these proposals are implemented we estimate there will be no capacity to accommodate vessels of over approximately 45 feet owing to the very large area required for manoeuvring space of  the 50 ton boat hoist .

The resulting downturn in both boatyard and lifting income will make our business unviable and will lead to a loss of service to our many commercial and private boat owners who will be unable to find any similar alternative service. You can get the best boat service if you look at the website, here.

There would also be a serious threat to the emergency services which we have maintained for Bristol’s wider floating harbour.


Please log onto and sign our petition.

Best regards

Davina Lund

Director for Bristol Marina Ltd

(Please contact Bristol Marina for more information)